Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Google Updates Classroom and Forms for Back-to-School

Google Updates Classroom and Forms for Back-to-School

To prepare for the new school year, Google has made many improvements to both Google Classroom and Forms.  Teachers will have these new tools to kick off 2017-18 with Google!  Click on the image below to read the Google Blog and details about the update.

 Google Blog Updates

Monday, August 21, 2017

Getting the Most Out of ST Math: Teacher Mode

Did you know that there are many tools available for you in "Teacher Mode" in ST Math?

To access teacher mode on the student device, triple-click on the bottom right corner of the puzzle.

Teacher mode allows you to replay a student's action in their puzzle.  You have the ability to pause the replay animation to discuss steps with a struggling student.  This is a great feature to encourage dialogue about math in your classroom!

To get started using the features of teacher mode please click here and log in to ST Math to see their tutorial.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

NEW! Teacher Account Access Page UPDATED

Over the summer there have been some exciting updates to the Teacher Account Access Page.  In an effort to simplify the login process for the various digital curriculum sites that teachers need to login to we are now using Clever!
At this point, please delete any existing bookmarks that you are using to access digital curriculum sites and begin using the new and improved Teacher Account Access Page

Clever Badges

Clever account are live for our TK-2nd grade students.  The Clever Badge (QR Code), allows students to log into Google Chromebooks without the need to type their usernames or passwords.  Teachers are able to log into Clever and print their own badges, and the badges are shared in Google Drive.  Teachers can manage badges through the year when new students arrive by just printing the single option.  The Clever badge should be kept in a secure location with the students so that other students cannot inadvertently use it.  Please click here for clever badges tutorial to use in your classroom.