Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bloom's Taxonomy with Apps

If you are looking for ideas of new apps to use in your classroom you might want to take a look at Kathy Schrocks' Guide to Evenything, Bloomin' Apps page or the Android 4 Schools blog.  Both sites offer a wide variety of apps that will work on Android Tablets.  If you are specifically looking for apps that support a Bloom's Taxonomy level,  Bloomin' Apps might be a nice place to start.  Kathy Schrocks has a list of Apps that apply to each level of Bloom's Taxonomy.

While I was on Android 4 Schools today I discovered an app, Clarisketch, that allows students to annotate while voice recording over a picture or saved image.  The recording can then be shared to Google Classroom where the teacher could see and hear evidence of the student's thinking.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Celebrating Technology Use in the Classroom

Several school sites are developing professional development models to increase the technology capacity of their staff.  At Liddell, Tech Time is an on going technology professional development opportunity where staff are given the chance to share new technology tools with each other.

Recently, Glacier Point offered technology trainings on two diffeerent Wednesday afternoons.  Their model involved giving teachers a choice between learning three different technology tools in a more indepth session.  This allowed teachers time to ask questions and become more familiar with the technology tool of their choice.  Teachers selected from three sessions, Google Tools (Basic), Google Tools (Advanced), and Promethean Board.

Both Central High campuses recently participted in a technology professional development in which teachers had the opportunity to attend two sessions of technology training run entirely by teachers.  The afternoon was devised so that each session was run twice, allowing teacher the freedom to select the technology tool they were most interested in from a selection of 6 different sessions.  Sessions at the high school campuses included Google Classroon, Google Forms, Kahoot!, Google Sites, Tablet Integration and Research, Nearpod, Five Star Set-up Scan, and PDF tools/Sound Recorder/ QR codes.