Thursday, October 20, 2016

Illuminate Assessement Scores to Aeries Gradebook

Illuminate Assessment Scores to Aeries Gradebook: Tutorial
This describes the process for pushing Illuminate Assessment scores into an Teacher Portal gradebook assignment eliminating the need to manually enter them saving time and eliminating data entry errors.
Synopsis: You will create an assignment in a Teacher Portal gradebook, then log in to Illuminate and push those scores into the gradebook assignment using the ‘Administration → Push to Aeries
Gradebook’ function Detailed Documentation:
1. Log into Teacher Portal and create a new gradebook assignment which will receive the scores from the Illuminate assessment. (Math quiz 1 in example)
NOTE: The # correct possible in the assignment should equal the # of questions in the assessment.

2. Log into Illuminate and open the assessment you wish to push into gradebook.

3. Click ‘Administration→Push to Aeries Gradebook’ from the illuminate menu bar.
4. In the ‘Gradebooks’ field, click the drop down list and select the Teacher Portal gradebook which contains the assignment created in Step 1 above.
5. In the ‘Assignments’ field, click the drop down list and select the gradebook assignment you
created in Step 1 above.
6. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
7. Repeat steps 3-5 for each of the gradebooks that contains this assignment (for linked gradebooks).