Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Approving Videos in YouTube: A guide to listing videos as approved for students

No longer do we need to log into the lightspeed filter or save YouTube videos for our students into Drive.  With the new Google and YouTube feature, every Central Unified teacher has the option to “approve” a YouTube video for their class.  Once approved, it is instantly viewable by your students.  You select the video, and then students can access it on their tablet, phone, or computer.

Step 1

For YouTube to know who you are, you MUST log into your Central Google Account.  Go to and click sign in.  (If it already shows your username ( you go to step three.)

Step 2

Type in your Central username and password

Step 3

Once on confirm that you are logged in up at the top left.

Step 4

Now find your video, via search.  On the video screen (above) you will see a new blue band just below the video that gives you as the teacher an option to “APPROVE.”  Once selected, students will instantly be able to view the video district wide.  If you need to un-approve a video you will do it in the same spot.  This allows us to get around the saving of all videos and the need to log into Lightspeed to view YouTube.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thank you for an amazing weekend!

Thank you to our Google Summit Sponsors Troxell communications and Advanced Classroom Technology.  Their partnership with Central Unified has served for many years, and they both supported lunch and breakfast for our event.  Our teachers greatly appreciate your support for the event and their professional development.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Sixth grade students in Jennifer Cox's Teague Elementary school class gained coding experience by coding their names.
 Students first created their name in code on paper and then created their name in beads representing their code.

This week in the Official Google Blog there was a discussion about the significance of coding in New York's Fashion Week!  One of the signature dresses in Zac Posen's runway show will feature code programed by girls.  This is just one of many recent efforts to inccrease the number of girls that are interested in coding.  Thanks to Mrs. Cox 6th graders at Teague Elementary are getting first hand coding experience!
We can't wait to see your next coading success.